Speaking of Feelings

Our Nature, which is Life itself, has brought us into being and is keeping us alive.  Our Source is Intelligence and understands and accepts Itself and all It becomes, including us.   Our emotions, like any part of Life----a tiny bug, the cosmos our relationships-----are intentionally in existence.  

Understanding Nature leads to our living harmoniously within It, as part of It.  This website is dedicated to helping us accept our emotions as part of Nature's ongoing, flawless design.  When we accept and commit to understanding our emotions, we choose to align ourselves with the Wisdom that aligns all the changing planets, stars, and cells within these physical bodies.   

Ignoring and resisting emotions is like ignoring the sensitivity of our skin.  We are designed to respond with movements that keep us safe and growing when honor the messages of hot, cold, sharp that our skin delivers.  The same is true for emotions.  Recognize and  honor your emotional guidance and you will remain as you are by Nature, emotionally healthy. 

Staying emotionally healthy

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All of us--fathers, mothers, sons and daughters--are designed by Nature to connect well emotionally.   This site is designed to help develop undernourished or damaged emotional connections to your self 


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Speaking of Feelings