Speaking of Feelings

There is one life, that life is perfect, that life is our life now....Ernest Holmes

Affirmative Thought  
Thought is what we humans use to make choices in our lives.Thought is how we imagine things into being. Decisions about what to eat, where to go, what to say are all thoughts. Everything in the room where you are, was a thought or combination of thoughts before it became a thing. A chair, a computer, a pair of shoes. First thought, then form. It's an invisible force we all live with, like gravity.    It's there and we use it without giving it much attention.

Thought draws on Life's resources and calls into our individual experience whatever we choose.Thought moves around in our minds and Life takes notice of our thoughts, like a loving parent, and gives us whatever we focus on, confident of staying connected to us because we are made from its very nature.    
We are unlimited and can imagine anything: wealth, pleasure, poverty, pain.  They're all there waiting in Life's infinite, loving potential for us. When we choose a thought we point to a possibility on the menu of Life, and Life, being gracious and sensitive and loving, gives us what we point to on the menu.Immediately.  In feelings and images.

This Life we are made from reacts to our thoughts and wishes.  It loves us so much It gives us whatever we affirm for ourselves.  Life doesn't care what we choose. It trusts so deeply in Its own depth and love that it delivers immediately our choices. Life is the parent  playing with and as Its own offspring.This Parent gives whatever is asked for, all the while holding the child within Its loving heart.

If we choose to feel separated, we get from Life images and feelings of separation
If we choose to feel connected, we get from Life images and feelings of connection. 

Either one is responded to affirmatively by Life's Love for us. Either one can be  balanced by Life's infinite loving resource. Life will not let go of us while we are trying out all the different menu items.

All day long our life is just like a restaurant. If we say to the waiter "pancakes with syrup"  he doesn't give us a salad instead. In our life, we get what we affirm by our thinking. If we place an order using the words "I am unloved" with Life,  it gives us feelings of being unloved. Now. Immediately. Oh, and here are some images to go with feeling unloved.  

Any thought we think is affirmative. Every thought arises in Infinite Love and is responded to with an immediate reflection of the thought in physical form.    

Most of us just create statement after statement without paying attention to our own creative power. We don't very often stop to ask "Is this is what I really want to declare as my life?".
We are all drawing on an invisible power, of which we are a part.   

Affirmation or Affirmative Prayer?
No matter who thinks the thought, Love responds according to what is thought and felt.  The difference between thought and prayer is this: Every statement affirms the potential of itself as already there.  Love responds by handing it over immediately in feelings and thoughts.This is plain old affirmation.

Affirmative prayer adds to the choice process this: Knowing we are part of an infinite wisdom and power, we open ourselves to that Love and intentionally choose from the menu items which are loving and kind.