Speaking of Feelings

As a result  of negative thinking we are bound to feel anxious,frustrated,angry, even hateful,but not pleasant.As a result of harmonious, unified thought we will  feel peaceful,complete,approving,insightful.  
We are not able to escape the presence of this law.

Respecting our minds.

We turn now to the study of mind to understand our feelings and how to experience Love.In his famous essay entitled History Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote "There is one mind common to all individual men."This mind we are using to communicate with each other is one mind.Because we all use it individually, and experience the effects of using "our" mind,it's easy to believe it's OUR mind.Buthe ownerships of mind is no more possible than the ownership of graviity or mathematics or fire.There is one Mind, and it is available to all of us because we are all part of it.And we all are using it.

This simple observation opens wide the door of opportunity for using mind to harmonious experience. 


If our minds are focused on harmony for our selves and others,we are happy.The thought of separation is absent.But if our minds again focus on disliking, fearing or resenting another, our plant of unhappiness is immediately alive and growing again.The law of emotional correspondence goes like this: An instantaneous experience of upset will accompanies any thoughts of separating Good from Itself..  

This dilemma is ours to understand and master.Heaven and hell are both right here.We are free to choose either.This is part of our freedom.So how do we choose hell and how do we choose heaven?

Choosing Heaven

Choosing heaven requires that we choose harmony or something like it.Any time we feel positive motions,we are experiencing the feelings our thoughts have evoked.Thoughts of harmony,loving connection,expectation of good will all elicit positive feelings.We can do this by thinking harmonious thoughts, intending to feel harmony, choosing to observe harmony in the past, present or future.    

When we look at nature we see the interacting Love that repeatedly transforms Itself to continue living this beautiful Life.Choosing anything other than a sense of loving unity leads to pain.When we think thoughts of poverty,deprivation and limit, we are ignoring the presence and availability of Unifying Harmony.

All unpleasant emotions arise from the mistaken assumption that we have been separated from Good.  This choice is a thought we have the freedom to release and rethink at any time.

Weeding out negative thoughts If we sit quietly and contemplate what it is we're upset about, we will find at the root of our upset a belief that we cannot be happy if things are the way they are.Something has happened, or we are certain something will happen that has taken away our vision of good.This is a very important phrase: something has taken away my good life. 

No circumstance or consequence out in the world can separate us from the Love that is manifesting us.We might imagine that this is possible,and when we do imagine it we will feel it,but it won't be limited to our own thoughts and feelings.   Someone sitting with us in the room will not experience this thought.They will likely have their own imaginings of separation which are not true.    

Something has taken away my good life is a perspective that causes our emotional and mental suffering.When we understand that this experience is based on an impossible assumption,we will immediately feel relief.The relief is the disappearance of confusion and the resumption of understanding. 
We are the choice to align with the Power that creates life. The root of unhappiness traces right to a belief  in the absence of Love.

Harmony and happiness occur while we accept a connection to Love.We feel loving kindness immediately and for as long as we observe and experience the truth of this connection.This is the law of correspondence.What we imagine and believe we experience as real for as long as we entertain the belief in our mind. 

Law of peaceful connection.

Mind is a tool for making Love to Love connections.Used correctly---connecting aspects of life with the connecting quality of conscious Love---we experience feelings of harmony.This is similar to using any tool correctly. If we use a key correctly,the lock will open.If we put it in all the way and turn it in the right direction,the key will work.

But if we put a key in part way,or worse yet,use the wrong key or something that's not even a key, the lock will not open.Our efforts will be frustrated.When we use mind incorrectly....trying to connect aspects of life with anything other than love----we experience emotional upset.When we connect to situations or people with fear,anger,animosity,meanness,we ae using our minds incorrectly and we will feel unpleasant emotions.  

From this perspective the quest for a happy,fulfilling life is simple: use our minds to love the world.  

Separation from Spirit does not exist.

There is one Life, that Life is our life now.Any isolation or separation is only our imagination.Christians call this imagined separation sin,Buddhists delusion, Hindus maya.The words are different though the experience they describe is the same.One Competing thoughts bear the fruit of suffering.Separation from Good is imagined.The pain we feel when we imagine is real suffering which lasts as long as we imagine we are isolated from hope,love,kindness.  

The Release in Harmony

Unless we intentionally practice acceptance of Goodness,as we do when we approve and feel gratitude,we will not feel the happiness that comes naturally with a sense of Unity.Unity,harmony,acceptance all go together.Commitment to intentional mental and emotional Unity is a commitment to our own happiness.  
Training our eyes, ears and voices to approve and be grateful for the world around us aligns us with the invisible Creative Power which makes the world.  Choosing harmony shakes off the sodden feelings we generate with negativity and disapproval.Because creation never ends, it is up to us to train our own minds to the ends we desire. 

Can't stop creating......might as well create happiness

The Source of all human existence is creativity....therefore we are all creative by nature.Because we are made out of Divine creativity we cannot stop creating.In the world around and within us each of us uses the creativity of the universe to affirm into existence whatever we focus on. 

If we are mindful of our thinking we begin to notice when we affirm good and when we affirm bad,whether for ourselves or others.Paying closer attention,watching thoughts and feelings come and go,we can see our ability to choose between unifying and separating.Part of mindful observation is noticing the emotions accompanying thoughts.Some thoughts feel good, some bad. 

When we criticize life,including people and situations,we use our creative power to affirm a lack of appreciation,a sense of ungratefulness.Affirming that things are not worthy of praise or gratitude orders up from our Source feelings that are lacking in praise or gratitude.Resisting the world simply feels bad, while accepting feels good.
When a situation appears as a conflict,it is possible to understand that it is not a battle between good and evil.It is actually confusion, confusion based on a belief in good and evil as separate from each other.  

In fact, good and evil exist in the one who chooses to perceive them.Both sides in an argument think they are right.Both sides in a war think they are right.    

The Universe is our parent, and acts like the best loving parent.The Universe spawned us,keeps us alive,and all the while responds to our every thought.   When we think,It provides for every one of us regardless of age,race,gender feelings which reflect whether or not we are being harmonious.Turning away from life's Harmony feels bad.Accepting life's Harmony feels good.The challenging part of this formula is remembering to look for Harmony, and persevering until we find it. 
The lesson we are all learning is how to think in directions we want our lives to go without mistakenly assuming we have to fight Life to do so. 

Thinking,imagining,observing thoughts of what we actually would like for ourselves brings those experiences into mental and emotional form.Accepting the Harmony of Life as inherent in those fuels the process towards appearing in the physical world.Thinking,imagining,observing thoughts of what we fear and don't want for ourselves brings those experiences....mentally at first,then emotionally,and soon as part of the relationship out in the world.

Loving,healthy relationship is rooted in Harmonious thinking......
Fearful,unhealthy relationship is rooted in fearful thinking.Choosing to recognize and accept only desirable thoughts is necessary if we wish to manifest harmonious lives.  

Thinking is just like planting a flower which will grow according to its nature....if we plant a tulip seed we will not grow a rose. 

The same wisdom that makes the sun and the waves is making all life, including you.

Choosing Harmony 

Even though we live in a Universe made of Love, we suffer.As humans we suffer the trials of our physical bodies in illness and pain.We also suffer emotionally and mentally in the midst of Love.  

Mind responds to all of us because it is lawful.  It follows the rules of its own creativity.Mind creates from,among other things,our thoughts.

Each of us is an outlet for creative thought of our own choosing.

Choose to plant harmonious thought seeds if it's harmony you wish to experience. 

Handling Emotions