Speaking of Feelings

Being able to communicate ourselves to the world is a gift.  It is also an important thing to do.Every one walking the earth faces a similar challenge in communicating themselves outwardly, regardless of their lot in life.  

All of us also have to figure out what's going on with other people, just like those people are challenged to figure out what's going on with us.Being able to let people know what’s going on with us assures that  those around us can help us get what it is that we think we need.It also encourages them to let us know what’s going on in them, so we can help them get what they think they need. 

When we experience our needs inside us only, then the people around us face a greater challenge in figuring out what’s going on inside us, and how we want them to treat us.When we allow people to see our inside worlds, talking from what

we feel inside us, what we perceive,  what our emotions are, what we like and dislike, what our goals and regrets are, what we fear and desire, when we do that we offer

others a connecting place that is very special, because it comes from the unseen world, and it is offered in a trusting, loving way. And when we are offered something from the unseen world within another, in a way that is trusting and loving, we feel that.   Then we have the pleasant experience of connection rather than feeling alone, pained, isolated.   

"Each breath a miracle, each thought a seed".