In relationships with others we all participate by giving and receiving.Most times our experience of give and take with others is not difficult. We're able to accept and share in a spirit of trusting and caring for each other. When we lose our sense of caring and trust, we experience conflict.

As we exchange our ideas, feelings and behaviors, we cannot avoid resisting each other sometimes. When resistance is fueled by strong emotions, we may 
Mindfulness of conflict returns our awareness to its natural state: loving kindness.

We are all able to perceive any situation or person as lacking goodness, and when we do we will experience the emotions that feel like conflict.Thinking about a person or situation as having lost goodness, or even diminished goodness, naturally feels like we are suffering emotionally.

This suffering arises in the instant we imagine good has disappeared, and lasts as long as we keep thinking that way. We will also feel old, unhealed memories of lost goodness as well.  

Good relationship with our selves and others is rooted in this truth :There is one life and we are part of it. All forms of  life come from and return to the same source. Mindful awareness of life's unity allows us to use its transformative power in any situation.  

Mindfulness will improve any situation. This is very easy to experience if we will simply be still and invite a benevolent attitude to arise within us. This  will require repetition so long as we continue to think 
How can Conflict  be part of life made of love?  

For life to exist at all, there must be form. The existence of any form requires polarities. If we are to experience daylight, there must also exist night's darkness. If all we ever experienced was daylight, we wouldn't consider it the same way we do when there's something which is its opposite.  

It is the nature of mind to create. Mind, as part of infinite Love is always in the business of creating. The existence of polar opposites (hot/cold, up/down, life/death) happens only within the confines of our perception. If we didn't perceive up Within our minds we are able to experience these polarities and assign worth to them. Cold is good if you want ice, it's bad if it's freezing your fingertips.     

Love is always available to dissolve conflict

Speaking of Feelings


Love is always giving itself, and we are always accepting some form of it through our thoughts. 
Our only problem is thinking
we don't have enough love to share now...

Love is always available
to dissolve conflict
Mindfulness exercises