You may be looking for Instead you've found your way to a website about feelings (or emotions).  WHY?

Father and Son Relationships was the original focus and name for this site.The passage of values, roles, beliefs from father to son is a powerful transmission, shaping the minds of sons through the influence of their fathers.  No son escapes this deep and telling influence from his father.  

Once it was up and running, a focus on fathers and sons was soon obviously  too narrow.  

Of course fathers and sons have some rugged terrain to cross together and deserve and need guidance particular to males.

While fathers and sons have lives that are unique, fathers face  emotional difficulties with their daughters too.The emotional challenge of intimate relationships is present regardless of gender. 

Both parents and children face the challenge of emotional balance. Fathers and sons as well as daughters.Mothers and sons and mothers and daughters. 

And let's not leave out spouses who are daily challenged to face each others' emotional ups and downs. 

Fathers are challenged to bring healthy emotional exchange to their families in every direction.So are their sons. In the end, both males and females, young an old are challenged to develop and maintain healthy emotional skills.    

So fatherandsonrelationships became Speakingoffeelings.

This site about Feelings is my offering to fathers (and mothers) and sons and daughters. Thirty years as a psychotherapist have taught me that the most important thing we can do in relationships is to manage our emotions.

When we are able to touch our sons or fathers with loving emotions rather than feelings of separation and lack of purpose, we are in the powerful position of bringing love to someone who is at the center of our heart, our true Self.

If you are mostly interested in how to have a better relationship with your son or father this will grow soon.  For now please try Harmony from the side menu.


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