Life operates according to Its own laws

This universe runs Itself according to laws which It uses to keep things running smoothly.  Seasons come and go, generations pass all held together by the laws of physics. As we grow part of our learning is understanding how to use these laws. By now you've learned how 

Learning to use emotional laws

When Sir Isaac Newton got hit on the head by an apple dropping from the apple tree, he was aware enough to come up with what we now call the law of gravity.  Apples all over earth will fall to the ground because gravity is a universal law.  Anyone who's up and walking has come to accept a relationship to gravity that allows them to balance their bodies in synch with a force trying to pull them to the ground. Humans walk because we are able to use our minds and bodies to harness gravity.    

Gravity is just one example. There are a great many laws holding life together.  These laws hold Life in perfect relation to Itself. Apple seeds do not sprout banana trees. Metal does not suddenly become a tree.Life proceeds in an orderly manner because laws of life keep it so.   

We have no choice about Universal laws but to learn them and use them.  We won't be able to change them.Fire, for example, is hot.It doesn't care whether we want it to be hot. It consumes materials that will burn and releases energy as heat in the process. Flame is flame no matter who uses it.  Its quality is set by law.  Intelligent law. 

part of a system of sensations which tell us whether or not we are living in harmony with our Life Force.We will feel pleasant when we are well aligned with our Spiritual Nature, which is loving kindness.For example, pleasant emotions include feeling kind, generous and playful.  When we choose to be kind, generous, compassionate, we feel good. 

Feelings and emotions let us know every moment if we are in harmony with Love, or moving away from Love. 

Emotions are very honest. They don't lie, Emotions tell us immediately, through pleasant and unpleasant feelings, if we are thinking or acting in ways that are not loving. 

Life's laws hold our world in perfect, predictable  relationship. This brings us to Law of feeling emotions.  

Feeling Emotions
Feelings and emotions exist to guide us during our lives.They are a 

We will feel unpleasant when we are out of alignment with our spiritual nature of loving kindness.   For example, unpleasant emotions include feeling mean,  angry or fearful.  No matter where you are, what you're doing or who you are.......if you choose to feel certain ways, you'll suffer. 

Speaking of Feelings

So that's what feeling emotions is all about. They're an immediate response from our Source to what we think, letting us know if the direction of our thought is Loving, assuring us guidance that keeps us feeling Love and Harmony.

Limiting or expanding good

Another interpretation of life's law is this:  when we expand good we feel good.  
When we limit good we feel bad.    
If we allow life to pass through you with an intention of good for others, expanding good, we will feel pleasant.
If we try to restrict the passage of good through us, we will immediately feel bad.  Anger, jealousy, hatred, envy will all result in an immediate feeling of suffering. 

Handling Emotions

to use gravity, water, fire, words, etc. Wood burns, water doesn't.Seeds grow, rocks don't. Medicines, art, machines, chemical reactions, industry, have all been discovered by humans as we learned about the laws of the Universe. Feelings and emotions are ruled by laws the same as fire and movement and digestion are.

We have discovered these hidden mysterious laws with  the intelligence by using the same Intelligence from which they are made. Mysteries like disease, electricity, combustion, once understood, become predictable ways to shape our environment and our experience. What seems like a matter-of-fact relationship----smoke rising from a fire for example---is a demonstration of a law of life. No matter where we go on earth, smoke (and hot air) rise. Laws of physics are examples of the countless laws operating to make life possible and predictable here on earth. Feelings and emotions operate according to laws as well.

The existence of feelings requires that we humans be able to feel both good and bad feelings. We aren't required to feel any particular feeling, or type of feelings. We are however required to feel, all the time.For now let's say we are required to feel in two ways, emotionally and physically. And with these two ways of feeling comes a general law that we're going to feel  good, neutral or bad.All day long, all our lives, we move between neutral, good and bad with our thinking and feeling. We can't escape this creativity. But we can use our minds to choose what we feel.

Choosing Feelings

We are involved in a Life that expresses Itself  in seeming opposites. Everyone who has every lived has felt both good and bad. If we are to feel good we must also, as part of this Life, be able to feel badly. This seeming paradox, the experience of both pleasure and pain existing right next to each other, is a simple fact of physics. We couldn't have hot without something to compare it to cold. We couldn't have up without down. Any quality requires the existence of its opposite. This paradox is part of Spirit's perfect world. We may not like the pain we feel, but if we didn't have the potential for that pain, we wouldn't know when our bodies were hurt.Without pain we wouldn't understand what is damaging to us physically and emotionally.   

The good news about pain is that pleasure is also necessary. We don't have one without the other. And the really good news is that when we become conscious of the feeling process,  whether it's physical or emotional feeling, we are capable of choosing what we feel.We can draw a warm or cold bath, scratch our backs lightly or fiercely.  We can (and do) choose whether we are nice or not to people in our lives.  

That we can choose physical and emotional feelings for ourselves is very easy to prove.

Ask  yourself this: What is something you feel good about in the world?  You'll get an answer immediately. What is something you feel bad about in the world?   You got an answer immediately. Now let yourself feel the emotion of whatever you feel good about in the world. Got it? Now feel that for the thing in the world you didn't feel good about. What happened? Most likely, you started feeling good about a previously disliked part of life.  You chose a feeling, overriding an emotional habit. 

Feelings and Emotions, like all Life, are always changing

Everybody feels both good and bad. We may not like the feeling bad, we may fight it, deny it (especially if we're macho males) and choose all sorts of experiences to distract us from it, but everyone feels bad at times. For some of us it's a lot of the time. When we accept that feeling bad is a necessary part of life, we're on the way to understanding how to return to peace using our own intention.  

That's part of how Life works. We go up, we go down. Emotionally, physically, mentally. Up and down, and in between.  Much like an ocean, there is a lot of movement in our lives, and what we feel is part of that. People who expect to feel good all the time are ignoring the true nature of their existence. From the other side, people who expect to feel bad all the time are ignoring their nature.  Life moves in and out like our breath. What we call our feelings and emotions are the experience of life's ups and downs, which are unavoidable as long as we are alive and aware and thinking.