Physical Healing

In physical healing, illness or wounding automatically calls on the innate, harmonizing energy of the body to correct the problem. The body's healing system stays on alert night and day, whether we are conscious or not.

Emotional Healing

Like physical healing, emotional illness and wounding simultaneously calls on innate, harmonizing energy to heal

Like physical wounds, emotional wounds are always in the presence of healing energy. Left to itself the emotional body will heal itself, just as the physical body will.  

When healing on the physical or emotional planes doesn't occur, we are encouraged by discomfort and pain to bring attention to the situation and relieve the emotional or physical problems.

In physical healing we are used to regularly applying healing agents to cuts, scrapes, colds, illnesses. Similar methods are needed in emotional healing.  
When we have experienced emotional damage, whether it was a single episode or a long drawn out series, we are capable of healing the damage by bringing our awareness and intention to the pain with loving kindness.


Emotional Identification
Emotional Locating

Inner child dialogue

Shamanic Lines


Speaking of Feelings