Speaking of Feelings

Perceptions last only as long as our awareness. Thought after thought takes place on the screen of our mind, seeming to go on endlessly. Looking closely the distinctions we call "beginning" and "end" disappear into the experience of this moment.  

Even the change we call "death" is not the end of what "died".  Birth and death are snapshots of the endless transformation of life.  It's only our attachment to these concepts as real that makes them seem solid. In fact they are as moving as the waves on an ocean. Our perception tries vainly to hold them still.    

The changing nature of all life offers us an opportunity to understand how our feelings and emotions operate in our experience. All our lives we feel changing emotions within us. When we are with others we witness their changing emotions.


There is one Mind
This life we are part of is too complicated and intricate to ever explain and understand completely.   What we can do is open our awareness to our own connection with the Great Mind, the  Source of all minds.  When we do we are able to study our own minds as part of  Supreme Mind and to gain understanding of how  Universal and personal mind work together.

"Emotions are like a river" says Thich Nhat Hanh, revered poet, philosopher and monk.

When we feel the river of emotions, what we are really  feeling is a combination of  physical, emotional and mental, almost too complicated to understand, yet if we look at our thinking we are able to see the river's movement more clearly.

Good image = good reflection

A mirror reflects responds
A mirror reflects anything passing by.
A mirror reflects you whether or not you see reflecting you
A mirror reflects whether you intend it to or not
A mirror reflects exactly what is before it: shape, movement, color, direction, speed

Perfect reflection
Circular Mirror 
Objective movement subjective movement parallel 

Spirit reflects our thought

Let's consider the properties of a mirror as a help in understanding how our feelings and emotions work.

Our awareness = our experience 

Without awareness we have no experience.  What we are aware of, what occupies our minds, becomes our life. Those who focus on the higher order which manages life, choose for themselves to experience more understanding.The more completely we align 

Life is a Perfect Mirror

Mind on the move

When we look closely at Life we see  It's changing nature. There is no stopping Life.  It unfolds from form to form endlessly. From seed to plant to bloom to fruit to seed again.   Feelings come and go.

Emotions come from beyond these bodies and minds.

When we pay attention to our river of emotions, it seems we're feeling our own emotional responses to life.Our happiness, peace, upset feel like they are coming from us. But they are really coming from Life, Spirit, Nature, in response to our thinking. Our feelings are Life's universal reaction to our individual thinking.  

Life reacts immediately to our thinking, the same way a mirror does to whatever is in front of it. The Source of our experience, which is always connected to us, is responding to every thought we think, supplying us with emotions that perfectly fit out thinking.   

We experience this all the time, anywhere, including right now. This instantaneous supply of emotion in response to our thinking is so fast it is easy to not know what just happened.  

Often we mistake Spirit's instantaneous provision of emotions as coming from another person because they happen to be there  when we think an unpleasant thought. For example another person may leave their dishes on the counter rather than washing them. When this happens we might say "She makes me so angry" or  "He is so frustrating."  By paying attention to our thinking we will see that it's not the dishes or the person which stimulates the feeling of anger or frustration.  

Instead it's the choice we make of "anger" or "frustration" with our individual minds which are then reacted to by Universal Mind with the corresponding perfect emotional accompaniment. 

If we think of someone we like or love, we feel good.  If we think of someone we dislike we feel bad.  The thought of the person, rising within us, is a statement of belief about that person.  Spirit responds to our belief and accompanies our declaration of belief with the perfect mirroring of our belief. 

When we experience our emotions, we're feeling the echo, reflection, response of Life to our thinking. Acting out of total generosity, Divine Life delivers to our individual life the exact image we have held before It. 

our awareness of  Life with Divine Life, the more complete our experiences will feel. 

On the other hand, the more we entertain separation from our Source, the more incomplete our experiences will feel, the less aware we will be of Ultimate Life taking form as us.