Speaking of Feelings

How do we get started?

We are already meditating.   We were all born meditating.  Anything we do.....sewing, taking a bath, walking, listening........can be meditative, so long as we are conscious unity as we do it.  The practice of meditation is simply to see how certain types of thinking replace a sense of unity and lead  to stress and confusion.  

There are many teachers, methods, books, classes available for those of us who choose meditation.
Tricycle - Tibetan Meditation 

Try it now

We are already breathing. Bringing our awareness to  our breath we notice our breath is moving in and out. When it moves in, we might  label the breath as "in", when  our breath moves out, we might simply label it "out".   Watching  the breath arrive and depart we become the awreness of breath happening  indepentdently of our will.  There is something bigger than "I" the individual breather.  There is something else, which I am also, which is not this body or senses.  There is something capable of watching and understanding a unified whole being this moment.   

Meditation is a developmental exercise which replaces mental, emotional and physical patterns we have learned to accept as separating us from the one whole life we came from, in which we exist, and cannot escape. Meditation is practicing the original looking, listening, sensing without applying meaning. But this doesn't mean we don't understand.

Understanding is not thought based. Thought is based in understanding. Thoughts are partial understandings attempting to accept complete comprehension, which is only available when we stop trying to understand through thinking. Using thoughts leads to partial conclusions leading inevitably to further conclusions. Eventually exhausted like an ant trying to understand an elephant by crawling all over it, we submit to accepting our existence as the whole and the part. The elephant and the ant. Meditation leads to acceptance of the whole. Acceptance of the whole replaces meditation