Speaking of Feelings

Mindfulness is an energy of appreciation and compassion.  It brings into our experience an energy which harmonizes and recognizes the unity of all life.

Consider what it means to start the day mindfully:  waking up knowing we are waking up, getting out of bed knowing we are getting 

Speaking of feelings requires MINDFULNESS

We are using part of our mind to re-experience a memory.. Perhaps several minutes passed by while we imagined this memory and felt our emotions.  While we were imagining and feeling what happened we didn't  see the things we were passing.....other cars, trees, sunshine, the joy of driving a car  After a few moments something happens ......we notice a friend driving by, and we are again back in the present, returning from the memory of conflict. 

Being mindful means paying attention to the present, and knowing what is filling our mindsat this moment. Mindfulness means we bring our attention to our bodies, thoughts, perceptions, and the world right here, now, as we contact it. 

out of bed, brushing our teeth knowing we are brushing our teeth.

To get this far in our day being mindful uses our awareness and intention in recognition and appreciation.   

Notice the difference if you will in waking up thinking about what we have to do that day, being at our job in our mind as we absent-mindedly get out of bed, imagining a meeting or chore we have to do later in the day,  instead of paying attention and greeting our life.

Mindfulness is recognition of the wonder and miracle of existence taking place this moment, here, now, wherever that is.  

Mindfulness is noticing the miracle in which we are all participating.

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is energy that can help us with our feelings and emotions. Mindfulnes is an energy that improves anything  it touches.

Mindfulness is a way of being, a way of living that includes careful, observant, paying attention in the moment.

Mindfulness is an energy that intends to bring good to what it is touching, considering, or interacting with.  

By intending good, mindfulness introduces an energy of harmony and kindness, gratitude and generosity.  This energy is available to anyone at any time.

We might be able to see and  understand mindfulness by considering  an example of not being mindful. 

Imagine that we are driving our car. As we drive we are thinking about something someone said or did to us in the past. During this time our mind is filled with images and ideas that are not really important to driving the car.