Speaking of Feelings


Whenever we use our minds, we use the same Mind which operates the entire universe. There is nothing in existence, including thoughts and feelings,  which is not a part of Universal Mind. 

Our use of  Universal Mind is no different than our use of gravity, sunlight, wind.  The reality of these forces is always there, we didn't create it, but we are able to use them to our own purposes. And when we use them, we are using the Power that runs the universe. 

Whether we are working a math problem, doing the dishes, trying to understand what to do in a social relationship, we are using the same Mind that created and runs everything we experience. We are using it right now in looking at this screen and reading these words. Everything we see, have seen or will see is part of the great harmonious One, making forms from Itself which we experience through  this one mind we all use. Recognizing that we are all part of this Infinite Wisdom is simple common sense. Just as we have learned to use gravity we are capable of understanding and using Universal Mind.

The millions of relationships that surround us right now are ample proof of Life's harmony. All the physical objects making up the world (including us) fit together in a mosaic so vast we are able to see only pieces of it. For millions of years Life has unfolded from Itself, making temporary shapes, harmonizing with Itself as It changed constantly, growing Itself, responding to Itself, becoming more of Itself,  disappearing back into Itself, always harmonizing whatever arose so that it Life might continue. All we see is part of the One. All we experience is us experiencing ourselves as the One. 

Arrive in the moment

Turning our awareness to the harmony and beauty of life is simple.  When we focus on the simple beauty of  life.......a flower, a butterfly, an acorn..........

we are touching the true miracle of our emergence from One Miraculous Source........our little friend the flower was a seed which gave itself freely to the soil and seasons to bloom and offer itself to the butterfly as a source of nutrition, and to us as both beauty and reminder of our nature.......

Every day we all face thousands of decisions requiring us to choose between  this or that.   These choices are based in trust or fear. When we intentionally nurture our trust in Life and our selves as Life, we practice a choice making process that is inherently wise and healthy.
Seeing ourselves as part of Life requires trust of that Life. Learning to trust despite all the hurts and disappointments requires courage. That courage can be enhanced if we slow down a bit and look around at the harmony everywhere. A disciplined view of the world, a steady gaze, will see through the apparent separation and chaos to the flowing harmony of geese flying in a V formation, the seasons changing, the healing of skin that has been punctured by a thorn. 

Our freedom includes the ability to recognize and accept hat our part  in Nature's harmony and beauty.   As the offspring of eternal life, we ourselves are part of the creative process.   Contemplating this relationship nourishes it.  Regular nourishment leads to growth.

Use It Wisely

We humans arise within and remain part of this creative expansion all our lives, and though we will never fully understand it, we're capable of using it more consciously, more intentionally each day of our lives. When we realize that Life wants us here and is living through us, we are ready to make the jump to seeing our thoughts and feelings as an outgrowth of how we use our equipment for life. 

Everyone has the choice of accepting One Love as the answer to life's questions. But not everyone understands this Answer is available.  
We are all capable of experiencing Infinite Love, but only when we are conscious of  It. Even when we have understood this wonderful truth, most of us make the mistake over and over during the day of forgetting. When we forget about harmony, we will feel discomfort. When we feel discomfort it's time to once again look for

Harmony all around us

the acorn looks so simple,  yet will become a tall oak tree with hundreds of acorns, each acorn containing all it needs to become another oak tree.....

Though the shape changes, the Loving Source remains the same. Most of us are unaware of this Loving Unity as we grumble through life, yet we are using that Love as we live our lives, even when we are grumbling. We use the harmonious nature of love each time we think, feel and act. 

Because we are thinking beings, like flowers are flowering beings and fish are swimming beings, our nature is thinking the whole time we are awake. The challenge is understanding, accepting and using the Harmony of Life within our own lives. When we intend to use our minds in harmony with the Loving Source of Life, our thoughts become immediately harmonic.

Spirit creates through our thoughts

Every thought is creative. Every thought is like a seedling in the One Great Mind.  Regardless of the thought,Spirit fills the thought with energy according to how deeply we feel and believe. The more we feel and believe our thoughts, the more they become real in our experience.

When we see our lives as part of a harmonious interaction, we engage the invisible Source of all life in an effort that responds to our view.Our feelings shift and we experience harmony.

hen we see our lives as part of a conflicted or hopeless interaction, we engage the invisible Source of all life in an effort that responds to our view. Our feelings shift and we experience conflict or hopelessness.

All thoughts, regardless of their content, areinterconnected, all of them part of the same loving Whole. Choosing harmonious interaction in feeling and  thinking is the highest form of consciousness.

When we experience Life as universal intelligence which beats our hearts, sprouts seeds, heals, changes the seasons, grows all life, spins the earth.....we intentionally contact a harmony that has been unfolding for millions of years........and responds immediately to our thoughts. This is not a hollow claim, it is experienced by anyone willing to stop and pay attention to their thinking and feeling. and by our intentional recognition of  this benevolent unity,  we benefit ourselves and others for as long as our perspective of Unity lasts.     

Our thinking process is with us wherever we go, whatever we do. It's part of our human nature. But even though it's ever present, it's possible for us to take it for granted and ignore it.

To understand the impact of our thinking it is necessary to intentionally pay attention to it, to contemplate and explore it. To lead an intentional life, one which chooses peace over confusion, means going beyond merely experiencing our thoughts to witnessing them and the impact they have on our emotions.  

Noticing emotional responses to thinking is sophisticated yet simple. Watching our thoughts requires a shift in attention to our own internal process and a letting go of the outside world in relation to us. This shift includes a willingness to relinquish our claim that the world "makes us feel" and to take on the responsibility of choice in what we experience emotionally. In truth we are all capable of very deliberate emotional response. Choosing this path often means letting go of of existing emotional patterns. 

This type of awareness is a lifetime's work. Successful, peaceful, joyful people have mental and emotional habits that include watching their thoughts and feelings and directing them intentionally towards a Loving, Unified Whole.    

Though the work of life is difficult and complicated,  it's worth it. In the end whether we know it or not, we become what we think about. Ernest Holmes, author of Science of Mind said that if we could see all of our life's thoughts lined up one right after another, they would lead us to right where we are.  

The intention to choose an awareness of connection is like riding a wave in the ocean. People don't surf into the waves. They surf in the direction of the waves.   The direction of life is harmonious.  

Each time we think a thought, we are capable of using the momentum of the Intelligence that spins the earth, and to ride Its harmony into our own personal experience.

Trusting One Source, One Life