Speaking of Feelings


​Observation and imagination go hand in hand.   Thought cannot observe, it only imagines.   Observation cannot think, it only perceives.  You observe and imagine but are not limited to either.

What are thoughts? We all have them, communicate them, communicate with others by using them, but what are they? Ernest Holmes tells us they are what our minds use as a means of bringing substance to where we focus.
What we think about tends to grow in our experience. Focusing on anything inside or outside of us tends to bring it more into our experience. But what are thoughts?  

I am using thoughts to describe thoughts.

Thoughts are invisible.We have never seen a thought.  But though we have never seen a thought,  the world around us is filled with things which grew out of thoughts.......houses, furniture, clothing, automobiles, computers, schools, musical instruments........anything you see in the world that is man made......all are the results of thoughts.  
Other than being invisible, thoughts are very much like seeds.Each thought contains just like each seed does, all that it needs to grow into a larger form.    One apple seed contains enough information and understanding to grow an apple tree with a hundred apples, and each apple containing twenty or so seeds to grow another apple tree. In the words of Ernest Holmes, each thought contains all that is needed for its completion. 

For example, a thought about taking a trip might turn into elaborate plans for and eventually a trip. A thought about flying like birds brought us the airplane.When we have a thought about drinking some water the thought brings with it more thoughts about finding our way to water.Thoughts about other desires bring with them countless thoughts supporting the desire. No matter where we are,our thoughts bring to us the resources to experience that about which we've  been thinking.

Thoughts themselves are things filled with energy and capable of becoming form through our use of them.Thoughts are what mind uses to create the world, us in it, and all that has or will happen.We are using thought right this minute  communicating with each other.

Types of thought

  1. Conscious thought is obvious to our awareness. We experience our thqught as happening in our mind.
  2. Subconscious
  3. Meta conscious thought: We may also  know we are thinking a thought, and that makes it
  4. Unconscious: the state of ;minid from which all forms of thought emerge