Speaking of Feelings

Because our physical, human bodies are so small, we can only understand part of the Mystery  with this body. Like ants who don't know what humans or telephones are, we are limited to what we can experience through our senses. But the more of Life we are willing to accept as part of a Unified whole, the more we will understand. 

Recognizing One common Source of all life is necessary to a sense of peace and happiness. If we contemplate the connections between life forms, we can see the beauty and power of our Life Source anywhere we look. 

One Source is actively supporting us in all we do. Every act, no matter how simple or complicated is part of Life's generous giving of Itself.

We are part of a loving system.  Every thought we think, every choice we make,  every feeling we experience is part of One Life, making experiences out of Itself.  We may call this Power what we will....Spirit, God, Nature, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Tao.....all these words refer to a loving mystery we are part of and cannot escape.

Why is there suffering?

But if we and everything else are part of the same Love, how could there be conflict, confusion, disease, fightingh? Why is Life not one continuous smile?  If we are in the Source of all Life, why do we sometimes feel alone and suffer easily?  

At a level beyond our understanding, Life is willing to be all that we see.Life is willing to be the bug and the bird that eats it.The Source of all experience is happy to become a seed, a plant with a bloom, a bloom that becomes a flower, the seeds dropping from the flower, and then  to start all over again.

Life is willing to be  born and to die, to be sick and healthy.Completely trusting Itself, Life is willilng to be every form imaginable, resting in the understanding of  Its loving nature, which resolves all experience into Unity.   

No thing lasts.No form or feeling, nor perception of thought.  All that lasts is the great One-Becoming-All.
Life takes all these forms willingly, giving Itself and us the experience of Being, and the opportunity to bring Love to all Its existence.

Choosing between conflict and harmony

Feeling alone and suffering are the result of  Life's infinite nature and our freedom of choice as we make decisions using that nature.  
We are totally free to choose what we feel, sense and think.This applies to everyone. In simple terms we are all always choosing between conflict or harmony in some way.

The choice of conflict happens something like this: When we have been treated unfairly, we are powerless to change that treatment. When we latch on to an experience in the past and try to make it change, we feel the impossibility of that effort which we call suffering.

Conflict arises from the mistaken belief that we can undo the past rather than accepting it with love.Conflict is rooted in a belieft that we are now separated from Love because of what happened in the past. As long as we exercise choices of separtion and isolation, we will continue to experience conflict.  

The choice of  harmony happens something like this:   Even though we have been (or are) treated unfairly, we have a choice to trust in the Goodness of life.  Survivors of tragedies like murder and devastating acts of nature are able to go beyond only because they recognize that harmony is the Source of everything.All we have to do to find a doorway out of conflict is open ours minds and accept the presence of underlying Harmony.  

Practicing Harmony

Choosing harmony requires practice in seeing harmony in anything.For example, the acorn is a good place to look if we wish to learn about life's  harmony.
When we look at an acorn, we may see only an acorn.Nothing special.But if we look deeper we may see the tree within the acorn.


The same is true with harmony and life.   We may look at life and see no harmony.   Feeling harmony requires courage and faith, yet it is there waiting within, always.   One condition for feeling harmony is that we must accept  it if we are to  receive it. 

Harmony is inescapable, but we are able to ignore it and choose the illusion of separation.

The tree within the acorn isn't visible ...
But the tree is there.  

What are we made of?

The Power that operates the universe keeps the planets from colliding. If we think about what it takes to keep planets in relationship to each other, we are touching the Mystery.The countless interacting life forms all remain balanced through ultimate Power.What is this intelligence that balances all aspects of  Life so harmoniously?  

Besides fueling our sun, this invisible Source simultaneously spins the earth, puts apples on apple trees, heals cuts on plants and animals including humans.  It beats our hearts and breathes our breath. There is one Power behind all life, and It is taking form as us, now.  The ongoing question is: "Do I feel the Loving connection?" And if not, why not?

This Power we are made from remains in plain sight and far  beyond our individual understanding. We can drink in Its beauty and balance, but never grasp it all.  
Yet it is everything we encounter ..from mountains to oceans to a basket of cats.